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Heavy Maintenance Deputy Production Line Manager

Posting Date:11/1/2018 11:42:44 AM
Location:118 Feiao Road Pudong International Airport, Shanghai

 Job Responsibilities


  1. Accord with Safety, Environment, Health requirements, and ensure staffs comply with it, if unsafe factor was be found, report on time; carry out preventive and corrective action to rectify the unsafe risk.
  2. To ensure a safe product on each production line, establish the preventive action plan for safety risk and ensure the implementation under supervision, to maintain aircraft and related regional safety, orderly and clean, control and prevent aircraft damaged by foreign object (damage);


  1. Ensure that all of the aircraft maintenance and modification work in production lines are comply with the regulations and requirements of Authorities; continuing airworthiness documents, service announcements, and service letters from Manufactures; civil aviation maintenance industry standards; requirements by Operator ; AD, accredited or approved technical data requirements by Authorities.
  2. Management of each production lines to meet standards of technical documentations by manufacture and company procedure;
  3. Ensure that all aircraft maintenance and modification accord with requirements of the company manuals and procedures;


  1. Assist HM Production Line Manager for daily management with performance management of subordinates and performance assessment of support personnel to the production line. Be responsibility of product lines management, includes but not limited to of safety, quality, tool, efficiency, etc.
  2. Assist HM Production Line Manager to coach and educate staff to be good work style and maintenance behaviors, encourage the self-report and self-disclosure by staffs, pay close attention to sectors and in a timely manner to correct the problems;
  3. According to business, work scope and loading of production lines, Assist HM Production Line Manager to establish the appropriate succession plan on staff training and capability development, properly hit the training objectives of the production line to continuously improve the technical capacity of each trade and their staffs;
  4. Be responsibility of production control to meet the objective of efficiency, Assist HM Production Line Manager for management of shift roster and attendance of production line, timely and properly conduct the manpower allocation to meet the requirements of production line.
  5. Be responsibility to organize and coordinate daily production meeting, monitor the schedule and project report with the timely intervention of the state when delay to ensure timely correction of deviation by obtaining support from HM Production Line Manager.
  6. Effective communication between departments, strengthen cooperation to address the difficulties in the work process to ensure production tasks are completed properly and on time;
  7. Completed at least one of aircraft type learning with the major systems theory to obtain the basic understanding and sense, to complete the ME or AV type training for accommodation.
  8. Report to HM Production Line Manager, and achieve the proper implementation of the assigned tasks.

Preferred Education:

  1.  Bachelor’s Degree or above

Preferred Job Skills and Qualifications:

  1. At least 8-Years aircraft maintenance experience,
  2. At least 4-Years related management experience
  3. CCAR66 Aviation Maintenance License or equivalent license.;
  4. At least one of Aircraft Type Certificate with Category II
  5. Be familiar with the tools, equipment and material management system.
  6. Clear understand of their work to associated maintenance predict the impacting for the maintenance and other staffs, have the ability to communicate with each other in order to work efficiency improvement continually.
  7. Excellent communication skills;
  8. Good team work