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Quality NDT Engineer

Posting Date:11/1/2018 11:34:12 AM
Location:118 Feiao Road Pudong International Airport, Shanghai

Job Description

  1. Perform task card evaluation , to ensure the tooling/material/technical data are available.
  2. Perform receiving inspection and function check of the new NDT equipments. Assist calibration engineer to manage the NDT T&E recalibration
  3. Perform NDT inspection on aircraft/component by using proper tolling, methods correct reference.
  4. Proper use, handing and disposal of hazardous materials per government regulations and Boeing Shanghai procedures. 

Preferred Education:

  1. College or above in the aviation-related field 

Preferred Job skills and Qualification,

  1. At least 1 years of NDT work experience.
  2. At least holding one of the NDT level II certificates of UT, ET, MT or PT.
  3. Can read and interpret the requirements in NDT manual.
  4. Competent in spoken and written English language.