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By Fiona on 6/20/2011 9:44 AM
 Boeing Shanghai, in its continuing desire to improve the environment, called upon the experts at Jane Goodall Institute-Roots & Shoots to come do an assessment and make recommendations for improvement. These experts are high school students from Shanghai World Foreign Language High School. A team of 6 students, ages 16-17, spent the day touring our hangar and the office areas, interviewing over 40 employees and managers at Boeing Shanghai.

Eco Office Audit is a corporate social responsibility program designed to raise the participants’ overall awareness of low-carbon habits that conserve natural resources, reduce emissions, and respond actively to the threat of climate change. The Eco-Audit Program provides a new perspective on environmental education and what a “green” lifestyle is. The Eco-Audit Program trains local high school and university students who persevere in their goal to learn, audit, persuade and encourage others to reduce our impact on the environment. The youth can obtain the tools and knowledge from this program to understand the role of responsible consumption and conservation in the future of our planet and human beings. Their Eco-Auditors have conducted environmental audits in 219 companies and 76 schools in China....
By Fiona on 6/10/2011 9:25 AM

Boeing Shanghai is proud to report the completion of the 2nd winglet modification on a Boeing 767 in early of June. Work is underway on a 3rd airplane due to delivery early July.

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