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Quality Safety Engineer

Posting Date:2018/7/20 11:37:26
Location:118 Feiao Road Pudong International Airport, Shanghai

Job Description:
1. Assist Safety Manager in the development and implementation of Safety Management System.
2. Support and participate in Safety Committee Meeting preparation and coordination.
3. Support the development and implementation of Risk Management process and procedures to identify aviation maintenance safety risks of entire company. Lead impact assessment, risk mitigation and resolution implementation related activities.
4. Assist Safety Manager in developing and implementing performance metrics, reporting system and communication plan to monitor the performance and compliance to Boeing Shanghai SMS program.
5. Plan and conduct aviation maintenance safety audits.
6. Assist department in incident and accident investigations and reports.
7. Conduct aviation maintenance incident and accident investigation.
8. Monitors of corrective and preventive actions for aviation maintenance safety issues.
9. Establish EHS training requirements and audit the training.
10.Disseminates safety information to Boeing Shanghai organizations.
Perform other duties as assigned by superior leader.
11. Observing all company, health, safety and environmental rules, use the proper equipment provided to carry out the entire job in a safe manner.
12. Able to provide suggestions to promote the safety and health of zone team members.

Education Background 
1. College degree or above.

Professional Skill and Knowledge
1. 5 years experience, at least 2 years experience of quality audit in civil aviation maintenance field.
2. Knowledge of ISO9000 standards.
3. Master basic concept,methods and process of quality management.
4. Familiar with at least one type aircraft system overview and principle.
5. Ability of access regulations, polices and procedures.
6. Recommends annually environmental and occupational safety goals and objectives to Boeing Shanghai Executive Management.
7. Provide technical support for aviation maintenance safety.
8. Ability of conducting hazard identification for aviation maintenance safety issues and risk assessment analysis.
9. Ability of training other employees for aviation maintenance safety knowledge.