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Tooling Engineer

Posting Date:2018/7/20 11:36:40
Location:118 Feiao Road Pudong International Airport, Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:

  1. The technical review of the self-fabrication tooling.
  2. The tooling preparation prior to the aircraft maintenance execution.
  3. On-site support of the tooling side for the operation team.
  4. Technical support for the whole life cycle of tooling.
  5. Tooling alternative assessment.
  6. Tooling design and/or conceptual design for special maintenance activities. 
  Preferred Education:

   College or above with Mechanical Engineering background.

  Job Qualifications:

  1. Have a good work habits, specific work carried out in accordance with procedures.
  2. At least 2+ years of the relevant working experience.
  3. Good ability of communication and solving problems.
  4. Have the ability of basic computer user.
  5. Having 5+ years of aircraft maintenance experience will be preferred.
  6. Good English in reading.